I Smell Snow

I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls since January.  It’s comfort viewing – I’m missing my daughter, dealing with a whack of family drama, handling some major work stuff, and wondering when the hell Revenue Canada is going to get its act together and SHOW ME THE MONEY.

Winter in Stars Hollow might be magical but it doesn’t hold a candle to the real magic that is winter in Petty Harbour this year.

Last year was mild with very little snow. 

This year we’ve had three (or four – I’ve lost count) snow days since end of January. And during the last few days of February it was really really cold. Like nostrils sticking together cold.

In town this would mean being confined by icy towers of grey/black sludge and dodging traffic while walking in the streets (the City of St. John’s seems to find sidewalk clearing itself an impossible hurdle).

But in Petty Harbour, with little traffic and one road in and out, the snow stays pristine.

Another big plus is the winter visitors. I don’t recall seeing any seals, sea otters or foxes on the streets of Stars Hollow. 

And as for winter activities, I, like Lorelie Gilmore, love a horse-drawn sleigh. However for sheer drama, I don’t think that compares to turr hunting.  This week, on Petunia’s lunchtime promenade down the wharf we spotted a few by’s in fatigues, rifles at the ready, getting into a small skiff.

“Some fun and good eatin’ … ,“ skipper said as they pulled away, headed for open water. For those not in the know, this particular sea bird has been described to me as a dark-fleshed, fishy-tasting chicken.

I know that doesn’t sound particularly appetizing but there’s some details on cooking turr here.

Naturally I would recommend briney beer vinegar in place of lemon juice in the braising liquid.  Keep it local!

And speaking of dramatic winter activities, I’ve heard some amazing stories about Petty Harbourites ice skating in tunnels lit by candles above the Petty Harbour power station.  

Doesn’t happen anymore of course because of damn safety and liability issues but wow, imagine that image in your Newfoundland and Labrador tourism ads …


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