Museum musings

As if I don’t have enough to do with a full-time job, my vinegar business, a new furry family member and brother for Petunia, and a full complement of summer guests, I am now the new secretary for the Petty Harbour Museum Committee. But I’m...

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I Smell Snow

I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls since January.  It’s comfort viewing – I’m missing my daughter, dealing with a whack of family drama, handling some major work stuff, and wondering when the hell Revenue Canada is going to get its act...

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With a Little Help From My Friends

I got an order for two cases of vinegar recently from my friends at Rocket Bakery. Not exactly a stop-the-presses moment but it got me thinking about connection and the power of community. Way back when, pre-pandemic, pre-Petty Harbour,...

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Did you hear the one about the tuna and the moose?

Food security takes on new meaning when you live on an island. Especially an island in the middle of the North Atlantic. But a recent weekend in Petty Harbour was bookended by two examples of traditional fishing and hunting that made me feel...

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Come Home to the Food Fishery

This year is the 30th anniversary of the cod moratorium with its corresponding effect on rural Newfoundland. But in Petty Harbour on a summer weekend, it feels like the good times never ended.  That’s because on Saturdays, Sundays and...

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Seal the Deal

I know this post isn’t going to be for everybody.   But I have successfully completed a very Newfoundland-specific culinary challenge and wanted to share. I have cooked my first seal flippers. And if I do say so myself, they are FREAKING...

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Food Literacy 101

Food literacy means being proficient in food related skills and knowledge. And at a time when food prices are spiking and many people feel confused about food in general, developing food-related skills and knowledge is more important than ever....

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All my life I’ve dreamt of living in a cottage by the sea. And growing up in land-locked Toronto, that seemed like a pretty big dream. But now here I am, happily puttering around in my forever home (the only way they are getting me out is feet...

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All I want for Christmas

For those of us who are young at heart but no longer in our first youth, Christmas lists usually consist of pretty simple things. A full night’s sleep without having to get up to pee; a pair of warm socks; booze and lots of it. You get the idea....

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