Today January 14 is my 52nd birthday. It’s also the first day of the 2017 St. John’s Farmers’ Market. So it seemed like a good time to launch Wild Mother Provisions – the new incarnation of Flour of Scotland.

I love my customers and truly appreciate all of your support over the years at the market but I feel the new name better expresses the direction I want to take my business.

Wild Mother Provisions will continue to make oatcakes, granola, scones, traditional cakes and of course our latest product Newfoundland Beer Vinegar. (And some wicked breakfast sandwiches once the permanent market opens!)

So that’s who we are now: Wild Mother Provisions. A little sweet and a little sour. Like wild mothers everywhere.

Thanks to all who have given me advice and feedback over the last few months – Chelsey Paterson, Jenn Deon, Alison Carr, Tak Bui, Liam Mckenna, Christine Harron, Andrew Bradley, Iso McKenna, The Third Place Tonic, Jewish Deli, Kelly Mansell – Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food, Sam Hollahan, Sian McKenna, Ben Rutherford, Denise Hooper, Christopher Jones, Blake Cassidy xo