Newfoundland Beer Vinegar

NBV is a hand-crafted artisanal beer vinegar originating from a wild mother collected from natural airborne yeasts. Our wild mother was “fed” with stout beer to create a deeply malty vinegar with strong caramel and floral notes. Use in any recipe that calls for vinegar (marinades, salad dressings, stir fries etc) or just sprinkle on greens and fish and chips. Inspired by a medieval practice of repurposing waste beer into alegar (sour beer).

NBV Founder’s Reserve: Blueberry

We use only the finest juicy ripe hand-picked wild blueberries in our Founders’ Reserve. The sweet tang and dark purple colour of this antioxidant wonder food infused with our beer vinegar create a singular product. We think it is a true representation of the wild Newfoundland landscape and terroir.  Perfect in salads, steamed vegetables, soups or sauces. Or add to a cocktail or as an ice cream topping. Unfilterered so give it a good shake before using.

Blueberry Relish

A staple in Newfoundland, wild blueberries are often associated with sweet things – jams, pies, and baked goods. Our hand-picked blueberry relish has the perfect blend of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy.  Try it as a sandwich spread, on a charcuteries platter, with wild game, or on a burger.


Switchel is a delicious drink made from vinegar, sugar and water that dates from the late 1600s.  Also known as “farmer’s punch” it was a traditional drink for thirsty workers at harvest time. Think of it as 16th century Gatorade. According to folklorists and food historians, vinegar-based drinks like Switchel were commonly served in Newfoundland prior to Confederation.

Potato Scones

Potato scones are an institution in both Scotland and Ireland (where they are known as potato farms or fadge) and usually associated with a fried breakfast.  Traditionally rolled out into circles and then cut into a cross, “tattie” scones are best friend in bacon fat (or butter or olive oil if you must) but can also be grilled or tasted. They must be served warm!

Stout Cake

No one really knows what came first – brewing or baking. For centuries the two crafts were carried on side-by-side in communities and households and shared ingredients (yeast and grains).  Our cakes (chocolate and gingerbread) are made with stout which enhances their flavour and richness.  And gingerbread first emerged in Europe when crusaders brought ginger back from the Middle East.


Granola was the first ready-to-eat breakfast cereal. Ours is a perfect blend of savoury and sweet and feel free to customize it with additions of coconut, fresh fruit, chocolate – whatever strikes your fancy. Use for breakfast, as a snack while hiking, or as a topping for ice cream or porridge. 


Documented as existing in Scotland since the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, oatcakes have been the mainstay of Scottish breads for centuries. Crispy and chewy with just a hint of sweetness, our oatcakes are perfect accompanied by cheese, butter, jam or on their own (with a cup of tea!).


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